There are a few things that will vary the cost during the installation.

  • Does your panel have space for the size breaker you will need?

  • How far from your electrical panel, will your EV be parking?

  • Will your EVSE need to be in the driveway?

  • What are the permit fees in your city?

  • What equipment will you be buying? There are many different manufacturers, so the costs can vary.

Basic Package

A basic installation generally includes:

  • We will pull the permits with your city

  • Add the appropriate size breaker for the equipment you have chosen

  • Run the size of wire or cable necessary to handle the load

  • Install, hook up, and test your EVSE

  • We will schedule an inspection, and you can enjoy staying charged up!

A basic installation will cost from 350$ – 450$ depending on the location of your EVSE and your electrical panel. 

This does not include the cost of the permit or the equipment you have chosen for your EV.

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