October 4, 2015

Tony Seba

I just listened to a speech by Tony Seba, author of Clean Disruption, on the future of Electric Vehicles, Batteries, Smart cars, Solar power, clean energy, and transportation.

Within his speech, Tony presented some interesting and inspiring ideas on the future of Electric Vehicles. Tony asks the question, “Is the EV disruptive”? To be disruptive the EV would have to be 10x better in any area than its competition. In his presentation, he goes over 9 ways that the EV could be 10 times better than its rival, the ICEV (internal combustion engine vehicle).

A few of the reasons EV are better that stuck out for myself were;

The Electric motor is 5x more efficient than the ICEV. The internal combustion engine turns only 20% of the energy produced into mechanical power, compared to the electric motor that is nearly 100% efficient.

Electric Vehicle energy costs are 10x cheaper than ICEV. To get 200 miles from a gas engine is around 50$. That same 200 miles would cost an EV $5 in charging costs.

Electric Vehicle maintenance, wireless charging, and the power of the electric motor are just a few other potential “Disruptors” to the transportation industry. The new findings for these vehicles are spectacular and thus change the dynamic of the current vehicle maintenance, for the better.

With the increasing amount of research and money now being put into things like EV charging infrastructure and battery technologies used all throughout large cities and along main highways, I can most definitely see his observation that there is a developing “Disruption” in the transportation industry!

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